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  • ZX-20

Model ZX-20
Capacity Case/min 15~20
Total Power KW 6
Air Consumption m3 /min   <0.9
Working Noise db <75
Machine Dimension mm 2200*1650*2400
Weight KG 2200

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ZX Series Case 01.jpg

Bottle-feeding Part (bottle-pressing configuration), quick and stable bottle-pressing, it will be safe and efficient with SMC or AIRTAC cylinder

Bottle-feeding Part (bottle-checking configuration I), full bottle checking, it is very convenient and easy to change

bottle checking configuration

ZX Series Case 06.jpg

Bottle-feeding Part (bottle-checking configuration II) , It will be more safe and efficient to adopt SICK sensor to make second time checking and counting.

Power unit (chain wheel unit), It has high bearing ability and conveys stable with RS80 chain transmission and bilateral symmetry design.

ZX Series Case 07.jpg

ZX Series Case 08.jpg

Bottle-gripping Unit I, various series of gripper apply to different material, height and caliber bottle, It will be easy to change bottle type because gripper is easy to  change.

Bottle-gripping Unit II, Main beam adopt 120*80 high tensile overloading industrial aluminum materail, It will be more stable and energy efficient with SMC or AIRTAC air source components.

ZX Series Case 02.jpg

Automatic case packer machine can be singly use, applied to various specifications of bottles, pots, tubs, combined use with automatic packing machine and filling machine, to complete the downstream packing line. It is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemicals, and other light industry.

1.It is the center of the whole packing system.
2.It will transport and pack the finished product in to paper box according to the required arrange.
3.Entire electric appliance buttons are all Schneider
4.full mechanical drive mining machines, machinery parts and high stability.
5.It is simple, easy adjustment, no doubt damaged carton