• PGZ-J18
  • PGZ-J24
  • PGZ-J32
Model PGZ-J18
Washing Heads Piece 18
Filling Heads Piece 18
Capping Heads Piece 6
Capacity BPH 5000
Power KW 3
Machine Size mm 2800*2200*2700

Picture of PGZ-J18
Model PGZ-J24
Washing Heads Piece 24
Filling Heads Piece 24
Capping Heads Piece 8
Capacity BPH 6500
Power KW 4
Machine Size mm 3000*2200*2750

Picture of PGZ-J24
Model PGZ-J32
Washing Heads Piece 32
Filling Heads Piece 32
Capping Heads Piece 10
Capacity BPH 10000
Power KW 5.5
Machine Size mm 3800*2600*2800

Picture of PGZ-J32
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Washing Filling Capping Machine has advanced technology with bottle clamping, bottle shortage, cap shortage and overload alarm device with reliable performance, scientific procedures. The food sanitation meets the state foods sanitation standard, therefore, it is the ideal hot bottling equipment for various soft beverage manufacturers with automatic production and simple operation. It adopts new micro-negative pressure filling, stable and reliable. Compared with the machines of the same specification, the benefit of this machine is larger.

Washing,filling and capping machine is mainly applied for the filling of beverage. Integrating with washing, filling and sealing, it realizes full automation in the whole process, suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling of mineral water and purified water. The bottle types applicable for various parts are easily, conveniently and rapidly adjustable.

1.3-in-1 monoblock is composed of rinser, filler and capper
2.It adopts new micro-negative pressure filling, stable and reliable.
3.It is suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling of juice and tea.
4.Advanced technologies, such as human-machine interface touch-screen and PLC program control are adopted in this machine.
5.All parts that have direct contact with the beverages are made of high quality stainless steel. And the main electrical components are from famous international companies.
6.Human-machine interface touch-screen is adopted in this machine. The liquid level in the tank can be controlled automatically.The filling capping will stop automatically when there is no bottle.